Parameter Command Shutdown

-s Shuts down the comptuer.
-r Reboots the computer.
-f Force-close all running applications.
-m \\Computer Specifies a specific computer on the network that you want to shut down or reboot. Absent this parameter, the command affects only the local PC on which it is run.
-t xx Sets a delay (xx seconds) before the specified operation commences.
-c “message” Add your own text inside the quotations to provide remote users with a message about why and when their PC will shut down or reboot.
/a Aborts a shutdown or restart if used during the (-t) delay period.
/h Hibernates the computer.
/? Displays the full help document with all commands.

Contoh :

shutdown -r -f -t 0

0 artinya tidak ada delay waktu untuk shutdown,
jika di isi 60 berarti delay waktu shutdown 1 menit

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