An accurate Linux time sync

I have a unique case about the timezone in Linux, so even though it is manually setting to Asia / Jakarta but time is checked the time anyway (if calculated) different 2 hours slower. Maybe a hangover or misinformation wear next to WITA? I do not know and because it works as a web server does not need precision as long as working normally is not a big problem. Just annoying if ga fit.

The solution that I try and succeed is to synchronize the time with a server that specifically caters to accurate time data. Yes, just use NTP (Network Time Protocol) in conclusion. Installation itself is easy:


yum install ntp


apt-get install ntp

Actually is enough to arrive here because ntp synchronization process will take place automatically but using the default configuration. This can be optimal or not depending on needs. Well .. if only I want to add ntp pool for the territory of Indonesia, it is advisable to use the nearest.

So let’s edit the configuration file:

nano /etc/ntp.conf

Then can check what ntp server pool in Indonesia is active here: Which when I write the current content is:


Please insert or replace what the server block contains in the ntp configuration. If you do not forget to restart the ntp process:

service ntp restart

That’s it. 😀

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